Flowers and Stars


This line is from Francis Thompson’s poem, The Mistress of Vision. To me it is suggestive of two things. First, Francis Thompson wrote many poems that should be of interest to Christians, not the least of which is The Hound of Heaven. Here he suggests that the interrelationships of all nature may be far more complex and interrelated than we first realize. It encourages a Christian to ponder and, paraphrasing St. Augustine, to behold and see that it is all beautiful. In so doing we see that the beauty in nature is its confession to God and could not have been created or exist without His intervention.

Secondly, this line encourages us to ponder more deeply the things we do and say and even think. The consequences of our actions may be both unexpected and far reaching.


If I Should Never See the Moon Again

war graves

I ran across this beautiful poem this morning in Medjugorje Day by Day.

If I Should Never See The Moon Again

If I should never see the moon again
Rising red gold across the harvest field
Or feel the stinging soft rain
As the brown earth her treasures yield.

If I should never taste the salt sea spray
As the ship beats her course across the breeze.
Or smell the dog-rose and new-mown hay,
or moss or primroses beneath the tree.

If I should never hear the thrushes wake
Long before the sunrise in the glimmering dawn.
Or watch the huge Atlantic rollers break
Against the rugged cliffs in baffling scorn.

If I have to say good bye to stream and wood,
To wide ocean and the green clad hill,
I know that he, who made this world so good
Has somewhere made a heaven better still.

This bears witness with my latest breath
Knowing the love of God,
I fear no death.

Inscribed in the Bible of Major Malcolm Boyd, killed in action in France, June 1944.